Hotel mattress liquidators

For some, reading or hearing the words “ hotel mattress liquidators ” sounds weird. Who would want a used hotel mattress? Well, West Coast Hotel Liquidation would! West Coast Hotel Liquidation purchases used mattresses from upscale motels and hotels and recycles them so that no part of the mattress ends up cluttering landfills. They clean and disinfect the mattresses that can be salvaged, and they rebuild the ones that aren’t fit for resale. It is recycling at its best, and it is environmentally-conscious.


Used hotel furniture provided by West Coast Hotel Liquidation

Smaller, more intimate motels and hotels that want to furnish their accommodations with luxurious décor often purchase used hotel furniture from hotel liquidation companies like West Coast Hotel Liquidation. Upscale hotels often renovate to keep their accommodations fresh and current, and West Coast Hotel Liquidation purchases those gently used items, repairs them and resells them at an affordable price to smaller, more economical motels and hotels. The upscale hotels make money and the smaller hotels save money. Everyone wins.

Used Furniture For Sale

West Coast Hotel Liquidation offers used furniture for sale to both the public and hospitality businesses. West Coast Hotel Liquidation purchases furniture, mattresses and room décor from upscale, top-rated hotels, repairs them if necessary and then resells the items at a discount. This enables individuals and smaller hotels, motels or even inns to purchase luxury items at a price they can afford.