Used hotel furniture provided by West Coast Hotel Liquidation

Smaller, more intimate motels and hotels that want to furnish their accommodations with luxurious décor often purchase used hotel furniture from hotel liquidation companies like West Coast Hotel Liquidation. Upscale hotels often renovate to keep their accommodations fresh and current, and West Coast Hotel Liquidation purchases those gently used items, repairs them and resells them at an affordable price to smaller, more economical motels and hotels. The upscale hotels make money and the smaller hotels save money. Everyone wins.


Buying Used Furniture For Your New Hotel

West Coast Hotel Liquidation, a hotel liquidation and installation company, sells used hotel furniture in California.

When hotels close or go out of business they have to do something with all its furniture. West Coast Hotel Liquidation has chosen to buy that furniture which they feel is in good condition that other hotels around the state of California may want to purchase.

The company also has a Recycle Program for mattresses. Each mattress purchased by West Coast Hotel Liquidation is sterilized in a large oven, covers are stripped, springs are replaced and other repairs are made on an as needed basis.

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About West Coast Hotel Liquidation

West Coast Hotel Liquidation is one of California’s largest hotel furniture liquidations companies. Things have been going well for the business, especially in the past few years. It is slowly branching out to the East Coast market and the goal is to go completely nationwide. Recently a few of the completed projects at the end of 2012 were in states such as Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Indiana. Make sure to keep your eyes on the lookout for West Coast Liquidation in your state.

Contact today for your hotel liquidation and/or installation needs. The company specializes in full FF&E liquidation and installation and have completed many difficult and big projects. It is your one stop and turn the key company that can handle it all!